Party Report

So, the three dominant parties held between christmas and new years eve have now ended. The Party (which I attendet) was a complete disaster with only two entries for the 64k and demo compos (no dedicated C64/amiga compos this year) which resulted in the combination of the 64k, demo and WiLD demo compos. Needless to say, with a population of 99.9% gamers it was hard to get decent voting, but I was rather surprised in seeing one of the 64k demos (CloseGL 2) take first place. It was in my opinium the best of the bunch, and apparantly the gamers liked it aswell – perhaps because they think ascii demos are cool. I don’t think they appreciate the hard work needed to produce a demo versus most WiLD demos. Two rather lame WiLD demos took second and third price leaving the two demos and the last 64k intro down in the dirt :(. Next year me and my friends will attend compusphere (if it’s held the same place and time) instead of The Party – I’m a bit sad though, The Party used to be quite fun. The two remaining parties held were tUM (held in Germany) and compusphere (held in Sweden). I haven’t seen the productions from those parties yet, but I look forward to do it, it’s pouet browsing time :) I noticed at ojuice that you can find a party report from tUM here.


Got an email from Lee containing a small list of things needed to be done to my good old supertunnel (check project page) in order to get the damn thing to compile on Linux. He even added a simple Makefile. I’ve applied the changes and added it to the supertunnel part of the project page. Enjoy :) (Oh, and don’t mind the compiler warnings, if they aren’t there it ain’t funny :) )

Going to The Party

Christmas is coming up now, wee :). I’ve been busy IRL this semester and that coupled with the fact that I have to edit the html page manually and upload via ftp is a major reason why this place has been somewhat dead these past months. So whats up? I’m going to “The Party” with Paaske and gimpster like last year and I’m sure it’ll be a blast. The scene appears to have low priority this year, (even lower than last year) but one can always code right? :).
I’ve been working heavily on a project with Samoth for quite a few months now and it’s getting really cool, but not quite ready for release yet. Well, that was it for now, see ya! And feel free to mail me.


So, my holiday will end in a week – time to get into the good old study pattern again. I’ll be following some rather interesting courses next semester: dArkOs (about the low-level architecture of computers and how OS’s work) and dPaSS (“programming in the large”). Along with those courses I’ll be following a math course entitled “Algebra 1”, go figure ;).
I’ve been doing a bit of coding throughout the summer, not much though, on a gameproject I’m working on – won’t publish anything for atleast a couple of month though :(.

World Cup

Let’s not talk anymore of the World Cup, we went out to England, end of story. I’ve just had my last exam this semester, it went very well and I’m now heading for France where I’ll remain for a couple of weeks
Have a nice summer!