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Danish Election

There’s an election in Denmark in November and I am kinda bummed that I won’t be there to vote. This document at the website for the Danish embassy in Washington says that I can go to a Danish consulate or embassy and vote by mail, the deadline for doing this is November 6. According to this list, the closest official danish mission is in Atlanta, Georgia or Charleston South Carolina, but that’s still quite a drive and I won’t have time to go there before November 6. On the other hand, there’s a Danish consulate in Seattle, and I am flying to seattle on November 6. It’s a long flight, but due to the time diffence I am going to be arriving in the late afternoon (about 3pm) and the Danish consulate closes at 4pm – which means that if I don’t get delayed in flight and get a very fast cab from the airport, I might just make it.

Car Update

Lars and Henrik arrived 7 days ago have been visiting Duke the past week. Lars went home yesterday and Henrik is staying a week more. Yesterday Henrik and I went to Jiffy-Lube in Durham and I had my car inspected (it passed!) and got an oil change. I am now pretty much done with all the talks related to the car, find the only thing left is to send the old New Jersey plates back and to send my insurance company a copy of my registration.

I have a couple of lang-haul flights in the upcoming months (Seattle and Israel) and is currently seriously looking into noise canceling headphones. I tried a pair from Bose at an Apple Store in Raleigh two days ago and they were amazingly effective, pilule they would make for a great companion on flight and on the train when I get back home. Unfortunately the technology is quite pricey with the top-of-the-range Bose headphones leading the field at around 300 dollars. I am also considering getting one of the new 8 gig iPod nanos (yes I know, I said I would never get one of those, leave me alone!) to go with the head phones. The iPod is actually considerably _cheaper_ than the headphones.

If anyone has any headphone recommendations, please put them in the comments to this post. I have read this positive New York Times review of different types of headphones, the technology looks pretty mature.

Sometimes Traveling is not so Bad

I am currently sitting in the beautiful and relatively quiet Halifax airport waiting for my plane. I am situated right in front of the gate, I have free wireless internet access, a bounty bar, a coke zero and some episodes of a tv series on my computer as well as an electrical plug so I don’t run out of battery. Who needs fancy airport lounges anyways :)

(I reserve the right to get grumpy in 10 hours where I am supposed to be waiting three hours in Hearthrow for a connecting flight to Copenhagen, and then in 16 hours where I am supposed to wait for a connecting flight to Aarhus, and then in 18 hours where I am in the airport bus to Aarhus and then in 18½ hours where I am trying to find a bus or cab to take me to the dorms.)

End of summer

Today was my last day at AT&T Research. Tomorrow I am flying to Halifax in Canada for a conference, site I am currently scrambling to finish the slides for my presentation on Wednesday. I am looking forward to attending WADS and exploring what I can of Halifax during my four short days there. I fly back to Denmark immediately after the conference ends and will be back in Aarhus saturday – just in time for the MADALGO summer school which I will be attending (at least partially, pills I will need to go to Copenhagen that week as well).
I am procrastinating, sick I really need to finish these slides – it would also be nice to actually run through the talk at least once as well. I have to get up really early tomorrow, getting to La Guardia airport from New Jersey is not the easiest thing in the world.

News from New Jersey

Mette complained that I am bad at updating this blog, and I tend to agree :|. To make her, and all the rest of my countless readers, happy I am now doing yet another post while I am waiting for the guy across for me to finish what he is doing so we can go to lunch. Yes, Mike, I am waiting for YOU!

Anyways, we went to see Les Miserables on Saturday. The production was awesome and I enjoyed it very much, this also increases my total Broadway musical count to 3 over the last two months, not too shabby :). Other than that I haven’t done much interesting in the last week, we have gone to see quite a few movies at a local cinema. We have seen Simpsons, Bourne Ultimatum and the new Die Hard movie. The Bourne movie were a bit disappointing, but I would recommend the other two strongly. And when you go see the simpsons movie, be sure to stay through the credits :)

Now With Wheels

I read Mikkels rant and that motivated me to actually write something new on this blog thingie. The big news this week is that I am have a car. Yup, I have batman-black ’99 Toyota Corolla with a milage of 66k miles, not too bad :). The previous owner left his Garmin GPS navigation device for me to keep, so I have a toy to go with the car as well.

Having a car completely changes the way I live around here, we can now go to see a movie whenever we want to. We can easily get groceries when we need them, and we do not have to walk 45 minutes to get to the laundry place, yay.

Tonight I am going to a party in New Brunswick, we will probably spend the night in one of the dorms at Rutgers University, which is more or less right next door to the place we are going to. We will then probably go to New York Cite with some other interns on saturday and maybe get tickets to a Broadway show, we’ll see.

Now, Mikkel – it is your turn to blog again! (Or have Martin do it, it is about time he contributed :) )

A Trip to the GNOC

Today I visited the AT&T’s Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) in Bedminster, NJ with a bunch of other AT&T Research interns. That was a great experience, the GNOC is really quite big. Here is a picture and some reactions from some Digg users and here is a more detailed description of the center.

In other news, I am now one step closer to becoming an American. I now have a US phone number which I bought from T-mobile using the prepaid “To Go” service. The offer even included a phone.

Daddy’s Got a Brand New Ride

I am now more or less settled here in Chatham, try NJ where I am going to stay for the next two months doing an internship with AT&T Research. I am staying in a boarding house a few miles from the labs, viagra sale here is a few pictures of the house and the street in front of it. My room is behind the right window on the second floor of the house as seen in the first picture.

look front”>House, front

House, back

House, street

Today, my mentor took me to a guy that had a lot of bikes, one of which I was able to borrow. Here is a picture of the bike:


I hope it is not too hot for biking :)

Update: I just returned from a one hour bike trip that took me to the AT&T Research campus and the train station in Madison. The bike seems to work more or less flawlessly, not bad for something found in the dumpster (literally).

Summer Vacation

I will not answer email, buy cialis fan-mail and hate-mail during my summer vacation. Therefore, if you send me an email between 16:00 on the 12th of June 2007 and 22:00 on the 12th of June 2007, please be patient.