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Small Update to the Landscape Engine

Damn, my head hurts today :(. Gotta stop consuming those vast amounts of alcohol. Anyways, I’ve uploaded a version of my landscape engine as it is now, with source of course. It can be found at the projects section. Here’s a screenshot:


I’ve added some small classes to enable me to have a camera and a framecounter. Don’t use to much time on the code for those classes (CCamera and CFrameCounter), they kinda sux :).


As always I would like to hear what you think of it.

Rendering Normals

I’ve been doing a lot of programming today, after having slept along time after the party yesterday I’ve pretty much been focused on my landscape programming (oh, I watched “The hunt for Red October” too, and I took a long walk in the forest with the dog). Here’s a screenshot of the program in action:
When you look at the shot you might notice that the quality of the textures and the rendering in general is very poor – that’s because I haven’t found a way to take screenshots of my app running fullscreen voodoo2, so I have to let my S3 Virge card do the rendering in a window, and that sux.

I’m quite happy with the renderer though, and the following screenshot illustrates the most important technique which I use, vertex normals:


If I get the time I’ll upload a demo of the program tomorrow, including full source as usual, but I would like to make some proper camera movements first, and I don’t know if I have the time to do that tomorrow, I’m going to Aalborg to watch AaB play against Broendby, the game is sold out in advance and It’s going to be a blast to see AaB beat Broendby, if they can :)

New Features

I’ve fixed some horrible bugs in a landscape renderer I’m currently working on. It calculates normals for each vertex and renders the landscape using smooth shading, it looks really good. I won’t release it until I’ve added the last few features which is:

  • A decent camera system.
  • More height gradients.
  • Texture blending (perhaps).

I’m looking forward to getting some programming done tomorrow, but tonight I’m going to a party at my highschool, the last party ever at that place for me since I’m on my last year :).