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Free Food

Today EKNA, there an orginization helping businesses and students get in touch, diagnosis hosted an open-day event with lots of participating students. Since Lars and I was at the university anyways, health doing our TOOL project, we figured we might as well pay the event a visit. We did that a couple of times during the day, in particular due to the abundance of free food and beverages (yeah, sue us).

Tomorrow it is time for the annual boat race across the campus lake, it is usually quite fun to watch and has a tendency to involve beers as well. I am going down there with Lars, Janus and a couple of thousand other students. Pictures from the previous years are here.

A Quiet Weekend

I’m enjoying a quiet friday here at the dorm. I have been busy every weekend in quite a while so it is extremely nice to relax a bit, get my cloth washed and cleaned my room. My parents called in yesterday and announced that they will be backpacking in and around Greece so Mikoline, My sister (the lovely one), her boyfriend (Dan la chef) and me will have access to the holy grail of camping; my parents repository of tent wagon, mini refrigerator and other stuff. This also includes their car with air condition, ahh ;).

I just installed awstats and nosed around in the referrer stats and I noticed this page on codepixel, I do not understand all they write, but at least they link here! So at least someone is reading my GPU raytracing article, now I just need some feedback.

Blah Blah Blah

So, it has been a while since the last update. Here at the dorm we have been busy doing the mandatory spring cleaning and playing freesbie. We have also started the barbaque season, very nice! At the university it is time to select the courses for the autumn semester. Unfortunatly I have almost used my ECTS points by now so I need to be quite picky, I’m currently thinking of taking Advanced Algorithmics and Lossless/Lossy data compression.

At CAVI I am currently investigating how to best go about constructing a videoplayer running on our cluster. It should also scale to another cluster we are still only designed which will consist of about 7 nodes. The video should be tiled and player in synch on all nodes with one (extra) node handling the audio. I have looked a bit into the source of MPlayer, Xine and videolan (vlc). Videolan allows for the streaming of the video to all nodes and has plugins for dividing the movie into tiles for a walled display. Unfortunately I have not been able to get an multicast IP address from the system administrators yet, so I have only tested it the multiple unicast streams where the nodes weren’t entirely free of synchronization glitches. None of the players seem to have built-in support for stereo rendering in OpenGL, so I will need to update their code anyways. With MPlayer or Xine I will even need to write new plugins, and fiddle with their code to enable them to use a common clock.

Battle of the Giants

I spent the day with Rune and Lars at the university tryingRune and Thomas and a board with I/O graph stuff to find an I/O efficient algorithm for computing the measure of the union of axis-aligned rectangles. We failed miserably of course, but the project is not due until Friday, so there is still time ;).After living with constant rebuilds for far to long I’ve altered my autotools build setup to use libtool and create shared libraries on the platforms that support it. Since the test applications using the engine are rather small relying on the features of the engine it was very annoying having to recompile them everytime a module in the engine changed. The test applications are now simply loading the shared libraries thereby automatically using the most recent build, really nice since the test programs change seldom.

To get some action around here I’m considering challenging Janus to a “google war”, his recent posting mentioned some keywords google put him on top of the results with. Among those were the mispelled “honary oscar 2005” and the weird word from the movie Mean Girls, “grool”. Come and get me googlebot, and rank me better than him!

News Back Up

After some complaints from family and friends I’ve put this site back up. Who knows, maybe I’ll even update it from time to time. I am currently sitting at the university working on a project in IO Algorithms with Lars and Rune.


Here on the early morning of the third day of the Danish Spring 2005 ™ it is currently freezing 12 degrees. Add that to the amount of snow which fell yesterday and which I know have not been removed from the sidewalks and roads yet. I will take ages to get to the university this morning. Luckily this does not matter as long as you get a good breakfast, rx which I would have had IF I HAD ANY F****** FOOD. I have not been home while the shops have been open the last couple of day so I have nothing to eat this morning, ailment bah!

Anyways, I think I am done complaining, for now. My good friend Martin is leaving for somewhere really exotic (AKA this country) to study for a while. Have a great stay Martin!

Consider the Bashing Returned

My dear friend Janus complained about the images in the last post. Apparently they were too big, so I resized them. I could not do much with the bad colors though (well, maybe I could – but I do not want to spend the rest of my life with the GIMP). He is of course right about the size of the images, but HE SAID THAT I HAVE FAT FINGERS. This is a line you just dont cross, especially if you are a short, nearly bald guy :). I’d better get back to the trenches now.

Oh, and in other news my GPU based ray tracer was featured in flipcodes Image of the Day, nice :).