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I am going eating with Mikkel Lars, advice Rune and Henning at Hennings place this evening. I am looking forward to some good food, but we will cook ourselves so there are no guarantees. I have started reading the web comic Piled Higher and Deaper and I am getting many laughs out of that. I am currently idling in my office waiting for a meeting with my advisor, I am trying to concentrate on working instead of Procrastinating.


IEnlightenment Foundation Libraries, Evas have been playing with the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries(EFL) enlightenment 0.17 from CVS for quite some time now, it a bit today. I have been running is nice to play with developing software. Using evas and ecore I was able to produce a little test application in no time.

Yesterday I went shopping in the city with Mette and David from my dorm. I ended up buying some wodden mind puzzle, the objective of which is to assemble a star from several parts, a handgrip gel for strengthening of the wrist and fingers and Pandora’s Star which is the first book in a series written by Peter F. Hamilton, the author of the brilliant Nights Dawn trilogy.

Life Goes On

So, search my vacation has ended and I am now studying full time at DAIMI, patient I had one last week at CAVI which I spent tying loose ends, online in particular I finished a rather large production with Ruben and it turned out quite nice. I am looking forward to the weekend, I am going camping with my family, we are staying in the northern part of Jutland, and the forecasts predict plenty of rain – very cosy.

I recently released vplayer which is a xine-lib front-end I wrote at CAVI. The frontend is able to play a movie frame-synchronized on a cluster of computers. It uses SDL to display the video but it is also able to render on an OpenGL texture for use in a graphics engine.


Seems like everyone are actually updating their websites these days, and I thought I’d join the fun. I am now done with my exams for this semester (althought results from the first one exams are still pending) and I am now with Mikoline at my parents house, getting ready for our trip to Paris. We (my sister, her boyfriend, Mikoline and me) are leaving Saturday night and we hope to make it to Paris without pausing for sleep along the way.

Wednesday evening I returning home from my CAVI “business” trip to Skyskan in Rotterdam and Barco in Kuurne, Belgium (Belgium not meant as the HGTG offensive term, just the country). We went three people by car and had some really warm days on the packed highways of the Netherlands and Belgium.

Yesterday I went to pick up my new Ray-Ban sunglasses, optically they match my ordinary glasses so I am able to use them while driving. Both my sister and Mikoline have approved them, so now I am officially a cool looking bad-ass :).

When I returned from Belgium I learned that I have received a PhD scholarship, which means that I have now resigned from my position at CAVI. I am starting in august and will be joining the algorithms group at the Univesity of Aarhus, where I will be working on external memory (I/O) algorithms and cache-oblivious algorithms with one of the leading researches in the field, Lars Arge, as my principal advisor. Needless to say, I am now looking very much forward to three weeks of vacation and to start in august. Have a nice summer everyone, I will hopefully update this site when I return from Paris.