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Dramatic Game

Wow, I am watching the Italy-USA game. The first half is just about done and we’ve already had 2 goals by the italians (one was an own goal) and two red cards. What a game, I am really looking forward to the next half.
Who will win?
Concurrently with this match, the Lemans grand prix 2006 is on its way. It is now going well for Tom Kristensen in Audi number 7. According to the live score the car is way back in the standings. Apparently they had some serious motor problems. :|
EDIT: One more american sent off..

World Cup

Let’s not talk anymore of the World Cup, we went out to England, end of story. I’ve just had my last exam this semester, it went very well and I’m now heading for France where I’ll remain for a couple of weeks
Have a nice summer!

World Cup and MD2 Model Loader

So, France lost again Senegal, not quite what I had expected and I’m not sure It’s a good thing for Denmark, which is facing the Uruguay in a few hours in a game we simply _must_ win.
I passed my belt-test, wee! I climbed two degrees and earned the right to wear the orange belt!
I might upload some new source one of these days, I’ve had a MD2 model loader finished for quite some time now it does interpolated keyframe animation and loads them with textures and all. I’m not quite sure how much of the code I’m ready to release at this stage since it uses my new (and very untested) scene-graph engine which is quite heavy on code and not ready for you guys yet. But I’ll definetly upload the code to the loader itself and the actual render, which is seperated from the loader since the scene-graph uses a visitor-pattern approach to rendering.
Well, the match starts in an hour or so and I’ haven’t had breakfast yet, see ya. AND CROSS YOU FINGERS FOR DENMARK!

Start of the World Cup 2002

Today is a day which I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time – the start of the World Cup. We (Denmark that is) has to fight with Senegal, Uruguay and France for a place in the round of 16. France and Senegal is opening the tournament in a few hours and even though I don’t doubt the strength of the team from Senegal I still think that France will be our toughest opponent in the group, so I hope that Senegal will win today. We’re playing against Uruguay tomorrow, it’ll be fun to see if the Danish team is fit!

Demo Party Food

I need to get away from the heap of math assignments currently waiting to be made :(. So this is a very offtopic post, well, most of my posts lately have been offtopic since it’s been a couple of weeks since I actually produced something cool :). (I made alot of small Java apps for the course at uni, but they are extremely simple and very boring).

Ever wondered what kind of food you eat at a demoparty? I dug up this picture which I took at the mekka symposium 2001, I had mashed potatoes and every day since it was cheap and fairly eatable. Demo Party Food(well, barely eatable). When I think about it, the only thing good about it is that it’s easy to make :). (don’t tell any organizers that you’re plugging a 2000W eletric kettle to the overloaded powergrid though).

I’m looking very forward to saturday, it’s the day of the final qualifiers for the world cup 2002. Denmark is currently leading it’s group with a small margin to Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, and the final game is against Iceland. I’ll go to a pub with some friends in full red and white clothes, it’ll be a blast. Downtown Aarhus will explode if we win that match, that’s for sure!

Well, I need to get back to the math, dammit :(. As always, comments, criticism and suggestions goes to my inbox and are very welcome, spam goes to /dev/null.

Landscape Engine Updates

First I would like to send express my sympathy for the supporters of the german football club Schalke 04, you deserved to be the champs, but _what_ an ending!! :(. Anyways, now that were’re talking football, AaB won today for the second game in a row. We might not make it to be danish champs this year, but next year we’ll show them.. (btw, I’ve had a discussion with some ppl whether it’s okay to say ‘we’ when you talk about a team that you support actively or not, I think it’s ok since us fans on the stadion gives the players a final boost, or we would like to think so at least ).
Anyways, the octree stuff is going fine, with my last written exam long forgotten (it was a danish exam last friday), I can focus on my landscape thingy for a few days until the oral exams kick in :). Here’s a couple of screenshots from the program. The following shot shows an ordinary landscape:
The program is running at an fairly high framerate on my computer (the shot was taken on a lousy old P2). The last shot shows the same landscape as before, but _with_ the octree displayed:
Now I just have to finish the frustum culling parts.
Ohh, and It’s my birthday tomorrow, I’ll turn 19 :).