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Party Report

So, the three dominant parties held between christmas and new years eve have now ended. The Party (which I attendet) was a complete disaster with only two entries for the 64k and demo compos (no dedicated C64/amiga compos this year) which resulted in the combination of the 64k, demo and WiLD demo compos. Needless to say, with a population of 99.9% gamers it was hard to get decent voting, but I was rather surprised in seeing one of the 64k demos (CloseGL 2) take first place. It was in my opinium the best of the bunch, and apparantly the gamers liked it aswell – perhaps because they think ascii demos are cool. I don’t think they appreciate the hard work needed to produce a demo versus most WiLD demos. Two rather lame WiLD demos took second and third price leaving the two demos and the last 64k intro down in the dirt :(. Next year me and my friends will attend compusphere (if it’s held the same place and time) instead of The Party – I’m a bit sad though, The Party used to be quite fun. The two remaining parties held were tUM (held in Germany) and compusphere (held in Sweden). I haven’t seen the productions from those parties yet, but I look forward to do it, it’s pouet browsing time :) I noticed at ojuice that you can find a party report from tUM here.

Going to The Party

Christmas is coming up now, wee :). I’ve been busy IRL this semester and that coupled with the fact that I have to edit the html page manually and upload via ftp is a major reason why this place has been somewhat dead these past months. So whats up? I’m going to “The Party” with Paaske and gimpster like last year and I’m sure it’ll be a blast. The scene appears to have low priority this year, (even lower than last year) but one can always code right? :).
I’ve been working heavily on a project with Samoth for quite a few months now and it’s getting really cool, but not quite ready for release yet. Well, that was it for now, see ya! And feel free to mail me.

The Party Report

Happy newyear folks. I was at The Party after christmas and as always I had loads of fun. I went there with Martin (gimpster) and paaske. We sat way in front so we didn’t even have to move to see the bigscreen, that was cool. Another benefit of sitting upfront is that you don’t have to sit besides gamers (lamers that is). We sat next to guy who knew a great deal about the scene so we had some funny talks :) (hi aske!).

The main reason as to why the party rocked for me was the company and the fact that there was some neat productions (you should really see the winning c64 entry) but the overall spirit was not very good and there simply were too many gamers in hal1. They even showed the cs/q3 finals on the bigscreen. I read a review by sobec^skp over at slengpung and according to that there even were some problems with the demolab aswell. If you plan to see some of the productions I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the position they got in the compos since namevoting were quite of a problem. Farb-rausch even donated half of their price money to another group simply because they thougt their demo was better. And hybris/NEMESIS got second in the demo compo with a entry made only because one of the members failed to deliver his mp3 in the mp3 competition. Agreed, the music is very funny but still, it uses copyrighted material (he used the tune from Afromans “’cause I got high”) and the gfx wasn’t even there. Atleast they also admitted that at the price giving ceremony, well, it wasn’t their fault anyways.

Oh and if’ve ever thought of learning OpenGL but never really actually started it, take a look at martin’s site I gave him a very short OpenGL crash course at the last night of the party and yet he has managed to write a neat little app showing a cube with rounded corners. Ok, alot of it may be math-related but still, there’s light and everything.

Well, I’m very busy these days since I have a linear algebra exam on wednsday so I’ll stop writing now so I can get some work done (actually I’ll make some dinner first).

As always, Write me, or stop by the forums at CFXWeb

Demo Party Food

I need to get away from the heap of math assignments currently waiting to be made :(. So this is a very offtopic post, well, most of my posts lately have been offtopic since it’s been a couple of weeks since I actually produced something cool :). (I made alot of small Java apps for the course at uni, but they are extremely simple and very boring).

Ever wondered what kind of food you eat at a demoparty? I dug up this picture which I took at the mekka symposium 2001, I had mashed potatoes and every day since it was cheap and fairly eatable. Demo Party Food(well, barely eatable). When I think about it, the only thing good about it is that it’s easy to make :). (don’t tell any organizers that you’re plugging a 2000W eletric kettle to the overloaded powergrid though).

I’m looking very forward to saturday, it’s the day of the final qualifiers for the world cup 2002. Denmark is currently leading it’s group with a small margin to Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, and the final game is against Iceland. I’ll go to a pub with some friends in full red and white clothes, it’ll be a blast. Downtown Aarhus will explode if we win that match, that’s for sure!

Well, I need to get back to the math, dammit :(. As always, comments, criticism and suggestions goes to my inbox and are very welcome, spam goes to /dev/null.

Back from Mekka & Symposium

So, I’m back fromt the mekka & symposium and I have some news to share with you. First and most important I’m glad to announce that lars has finished a new design for this homepage which I’ll implement within a few days. Secondly I’ve learned a lot at the m&s, I started writing a landscape engine and talked to some members of the demogroup hybris/nemesis and got some great inputs. Since my bezier patch renderer works similar to the landscape engine I might improve it when I’m done with the landscape, which will be full open source as usual. I might write a longer post about the m&s later if I get the time. later…:)

A Week to Mekka & Symposium

So, only a week to mekka & symposium now, the final details about our bustour has been planned and I’m just waiting for the trip to start now! And I’ve finally been put on the waiting list for an appartment (actually its a dorm, at least I think that’s what it’s called) in Aarhus, I’m currently #31 on the list so I’m hoping that at least 31 ppl decides to move from the dorm this summer:)

DOS Plasma Demo

I’ve finally gotten the chance to finish my little plasma demo for dos. I’ve written it on my old laptop which has very sticky keys (like it had been washed with coke) so I had to type each key twice sometime – that took a loong time :). The part I found tricky with the plasma demo was not to get the pixels onscreen, that’s easy – but finding some nice sine/cosine functions for the surface and palette animation stuff, that’s tricky. I’ll upload it in a day or so, it still needs some tuning. Hm, it’s twenty minutes past midnight now, I’m waiting for my chemistry report to finish printing, need sleep :).

Working on a Demo

So, end of another weekend. There are supposed to come a major snowstorm in Denmark this morning according to the forcasts. I was so lucky that I left home before it started and as of right now (8:30), the weather is still clear. With my luck it’ll probably start just when I’m heading home.
I’ve spent my weekend drinking too much and working on the PCdemo for the “mekka & symposium” in easter. I’ve added some sophisticated camera movement based on hermite functions and I’ve made a classic “dotsphere”. It is not going to be a winning demo I’m afraid, but I’m satisfied just to get it shown:). BTW: All danish people looking for a way to come to the mekka & symposium should look here. It’s a danish bustrip starting from Aalborg. I’ve already signed up with a friend and so has 32 others so you might want to hurry.


Well, I’ve made a slight update, I’ve removed the link to the page which features the original version of the design of this page. The page was located at my schools server and the server crew kinda fucked up so the site is gone :(.

In other news I’ve formed the demogroup Elysium along with “paaske” which will be our musician. Progress on our very frist demo is going good and we will enter it in the PCdemo competition at mekka & symposium in germany this easter.