Graphics Engine


  • 3D Studio MAX exporter.
  • Serialization using custom fileformat, try preserving all object properties.
  • Raytracing/Pathtracing of the scenes.
  • Relatively smooth memory management of selected object using reference counting.
  • Quake 3 level import.
  • Quake 2 level import.
  • Polygonization of scalar fields.
  • Bezier curves and patches.
  • BSP trees.
  • KD trees
  • Supports Windows and GNU/Linux.
  • OpenGL Rendering
  • Quake 2 model format import.
  • 3DS file import.
  • Cloth rendering.
  • Per pixel ligthing effects, displacement mapping (parallax mapping) and normal mapping.

In Production

  • Nothing, I do not have the time right now.


  • Bones support
  • Powerfull Scripting System
  • Advanced Particle System
  • Halting Problem Solver
  • Worst-case Polynomially Hamilton Path Finder.


(July 2004): Airplane exported from a 3DS Max file using the custom exporter and loaded in the linux client. The file selection dialog is open in the middle.

File Loader

(June 2004): Per pixel lighting, bumpmapping and parallax mapping (displacement mapping).

Vertex and Fragment Programs

(February 2004): An imported Quake3 level with lightmaps.

Quake 3 level

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