Online at NWERC 2006

I am currently sitting in a hall way at KTH in Stockholm where the North West European Programming Contest 2006 (NWERC 2006) is taking place. I am coaching two teams this year, shop after having participated in 2005,2004 and 2003, the teams (Aarhus 1 and Aarhus 2) will hopefully do good. The contest starts at 10 swedish time tomorrow and the scoreboard will be updated online for the world to follow :)
Right now the teams are doing the test contest to get to know the contest setup and coming up in 30 minutes is lunch followed by a trip to the Wasa museum. Following this a guy from google will give a talk and then we are off for the contest dinner.
Yesterday we (me and the Aarhus teams) walked around in Stockhom ending up with a visit to the Hard Rock Cafe which had a special Iron Maiden theme night, talk about a lot of black shirts with weird drawings ;)
I guess I will be sufficiently bored during the contest tomorrow that I may actually update this site again at that point, we will see.
Wish us luck!

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