This week has been free of lectures for me, as will the next, giving me some time to relax and work no my engine. I have added a text renderer for the OpenGL backend which enables me to (finally) have a FPS counter. Support for interleaved vertex data for mesh objects was also added and I started preparing the mesh objects for use with the all-so-popular VBO’s for OpenGL. I’m thinking of compiling the scenegraph at load time into some intermediate format before rendering, where all the static meshes is moved to a vertex buffer local to the GPU. I am still considering how to do it without breaking API independence. At work the integration of our new cluster is moving along nicely, I am looking forward to playing with it, vrJuggler takes some getting used to.

In other – not so geeky – news, I have spent my weekend relaxing with my girlfriend, and enjoying my newest toy, an iRiver 380 portable Ogg Vorbis player with radio and mp3 support aswell :). I have also been ordered to use Microsoft Messenger by my girlfriend. So if you want to say hi, you can reach me there with the email address[spam-blocked email address]

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