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Denmark finished second in the Eurovision song contest last night, I watched the contest at a bigscreen at a bar, and ppl was cheering when we got points, great evening :)
My texture generation function for the landscape works fine now, I’ve spend a lot of time debugging it and just recently realized that the problem was that I forgot that bmp files are stored in a BGR format instead of RGB format, so I got a really weird looking landscape texture:). But I’m not really satisfied yet, since the generated landscape texture is at the same resolution as my heightmap I’ve only got colors for the vertices, and not the pixels inbetween, I guess I need another approach, right now I just use the generated texture to set the colors for the the vertices and then apply an ordinary textue on each triangle, it looks ok – and runs twice as fast as the prev version which used per-vertex lightning – but I’m not _fully_ satisfied.
I’ve also decided to try to implement a visible surface determination feature based on octrees, I’ve never worked with any kind of recursive algorithm before so I’m not sure It’ll go as smoothly as I’d like it to go.
That was what I had to say today, if you have any advise about the texture thing or something else, please mail me
here, thanks.

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