Landscape Engine Updates

First I would like to send express my sympathy for the supporters of the german football club Schalke 04, you deserved to be the champs, but _what_ an ending!! :(. Anyways, now that were’re talking football, AaB won today for the second game in a row. We might not make it to be danish champs this year, but next year we’ll show them.. (btw, I’ve had a discussion with some ppl whether it’s okay to say ‘we’ when you talk about a team that you support actively or not, I think it’s ok since us fans on the stadion gives the players a final boost, or we would like to think so at least ).
Anyways, the octree stuff is going fine, with my last written exam long forgotten (it was a danish exam last friday), I can focus on my landscape thingy for a few days until the oral exams kick in :). Here’s a couple of screenshots from the program. The following shot shows an ordinary landscape:
The program is running at an fairly high framerate on my computer (the shot was taken on a lousy old P2). The last shot shows the same landscape as before, but _with_ the octree displayed:
Now I just have to finish the frustum culling parts.
Ohh, and It’s my birthday tomorrow, I’ll turn 19 :).

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