Working on a Demo

So, end of another weekend. There are supposed to come a major snowstorm in Denmark this morning according to the forcasts. I was so lucky that I left home before it started and as of right now (8:30), the weather is still clear. With my luck it’ll probably start just when I’m heading home.
I’ve spent my weekend drinking too much and working on the PCdemo for the “mekka & symposium” in easter. I’ve added some sophisticated camera movement based on hermite functions and I’ve made a classic “dotsphere”. It is not going to be a winning demo I’m afraid, but I’m satisfied just to get it shown:). BTW: All danish people looking for a way to come to the mekka & symposium should look here. It’s a danish bustrip starting from Aalborg. I’ve already signed up with a friend and so has 32 others so you might want to hurry.

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